The "Hell Valley Sky Trees" legend is an urban legend revolving around the 2010 3-D platforming game Super Mario Galaxy 2.


In the World 5 level "Shiverburn Galaxy", players can at any point enter their first-person mode and look up into the background. Visible on top of the mountainous landscape that makes up the skybox are three strange figures: a tall figure standing next to a short one and another short figure a short distance away. These figures are visible from any point in the level, but they never move and can never be interacted with. Not only that, but no other characters acknowledge their presence. They appear as large, lanky black creatures with creepy hole-like eyes. Some have long arms, some don't and their height also appears to vary. They are far larger than the player character. Why they are just creepily observing you is unknown.

They have been theorized to be many things, but the two most believable theories are that they are either Kodema, tree spirits from Japanese folklore that very much reassemble the Hell Valley Sky Trees or that they may be Skinwalkers or shadow-people from folklore that originates in Hell, California.


  • A GoNintendo reader named “Girrrtacos” is notable for having hacked into the game’s files and discovered the texture files for the three figures. The model for the mountain background is called “BeyondHellValleySky” and the texture for the figures themselves is called “HellValleySkyTree”. [1]



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